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SmrtWallet – the new age wallet


Since the year 2017, a Los Angeles based company has been brainstorming with regards to the humble wallet, trying to make a breakthrough so that, the future of this ‘humble’ wallet can change forever. Come 2019, and they’ve finally managed to find success with – SmrtWallet.


The SmrtWallet is a mens wallet which has a ton of features in it, along with the fact that it is extremely lightweight and durable. So, without further ado, let us look at why the SmrtWallet might have just become the wallet of the new ages!


For starters, this wallet is built using military-grade carbon fibre, which ensures that the wallet doesn't dent or break even when dropped on the ground. Not just that, its unique lever system ensures that come what may, even if there is a little shake or stir, your money or your cards don't fall out unless you click on a lever with your thumb, at which point all your cards are exposed for payment. It is also due to this very reason as to why this men's wallet comes with a lifetime warranty because the makers are that confident that come what may, nothing will cause their loyal patrons to raise doubts or complaints regarding their amazing wallets.


Next comes the fact that this is an RFID wallet. An RFID wallet is a wallet which follows the technology of – Radio Frequency Identification. According to this technology, it blocks and stops every device from trying to scan through your cards as well as personal information. These wallets manage to block out the RFID signals with the help of an electromagnetic enclosure technology which is referred to as the Faraday cage. Thus, even though you may have your cards and other important identification proof in your wallet, be rest assured that nothing and no one can tamper with it, come what may. It is this advanced engineering which sets apart the SmrtWallet from all its other contemporaries.


Finally, who doesn’t like a smart, sleek and minimalist wallet? We’re assuming everyone – and this wallet is just that!


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